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     Our industry partnerships and low overhead allow us to offer extremely competitive prices. Make your reservations by calling 573-204-0150 email your reservation at  Please make reservations  24 hours in advance. Depending up on how many are in your party will determon how fast you get service. We can serve up to 9 passengers at one time. We also except all major credit cards Visa, Master Card, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, and American Express and Cash. We do not except checks. Payment is due upon pick up at first location.  

     Now processing procurement in all divisions of Transportation to include but not be limited to Bus Transportation, Van Transportation, Special needs Transportation, Ground Transportation to all part in every State in the United States of America. The fastest growing fortune 500 Company in the United States of America. Will be a Candidate for the Small Business Mans Award soon. When it comes to Transportation That is what we do. Will become the servicer of Government Contracts all over the US. We have a Mind to Work and A Heart to Serve. We will Sub Contract to other business owners who need work. Will pay all employees of the Company a living wage and benefits package. 

Company now providing quality and controle transportation systems such as Valay Parking Opporations. Contracting to services for the federal government is the cores that we are on and services to the general public is becoming a thing of the past. Please send us your feed back on our blog. Information and system opporations will open the doors for expantion into all transportation services for everyone and create jobs that pay good wages. We are becoming the unlimited partner for all transportation needs in the world.

                                 Company Regulations:

     Any one in violation of the Company's Safety Policy will be band from using this Limo Service. Any one causing damages to the Company Limo will be prosecuted. Company regulations require all riders to be aware that we do not allow any of the following:

     No Drugs, No Smoking, No Alcohol, No Gun's, No fighting, no use of bad words or file talking, hanging out of windows or causing problems to others people while at any stop or location or during the ride. If at anytime you are anyone with you get out of hand your service can be terminated and the police will be called to the location and you will still pay the agree price with no refund. We have a good reputation and we ask everyone to except our Company policy for safety reasons. 

     If you are traveling with small children please bring car seat with you. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or have a signed parental consent form. All Parents must keep there children seated and under controle for safety reasons. 

     All passengers upon entering the Limo must remain seated while Limo is moving. Once you have reached your destination please remain seated until the driver opens your door. We advise all riders to be safe and observe all safety regulations  of the Company.

     We use GPS system which the driver will allow you to set  the destination for all stops while you travel. During the ride you may ask the driver any questions or change your next stop location at any time.

                                Our Rates Include but are not limited to:
     Pick Up & Drop Off $10.00 per person when under 25 miles in the same area of Jackson MO. Add $20.00 if traveling to Cape Girardeau & $40.00 when traveling to Sikeston MO. Traveling to St Louis, Springfield, or Kansas City special rates avelable depending on number of passengers. We can hold Nine passengers at one time.

 Special Alert: The FMCSA has granted us Authority as of 05/01/2014
Now we can travel Nation Wide with the best price in town so no matter where you wish to travel call us and we will take you there.

                                1 to 4 hours $350.00 and up depending on miles
     All hours after the first fore are subject to a ser-charge for fuel of $100.00
                            If you require 5 to 8 hours price is $75.00 per hour  
                        If you require 9 to 15 hours price is $100.00 per hour 
Birthday Special: $100.00 dollars off the price if you Book on your Birthday

Every eight hours our driver must take a manditory rest break and after 12 to 15 hours of on duty travel by our drivers we have a manditory 8 hour rest  Regulations of the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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